Corona y Manto

David Rodríguez García

Madrid (Spain)

Telephone: +34 648 01 94 60

About us

For over 30 years the owner of the affix "the Virreyna" then we decided to separate our activity and seek new individual challenges.

During that time, we have made great achievements, receiving the highest recognitions that one can wish after going to develop our work, both nationally and internationally, by different National Canine and Clubs from different countries.

  • + 100 championship titles worldwide,
  • 2 European Championships,
  • Gold Badge of the Royal Canine Society of Spain for the development of breeds,


But the greatest satisfaction we receive from our loyal friends and their new owners with almost daily expressions of gratitude.

David Rodriguez Garcia

Partner of  Real Sociedad Canina de España

Partner of del Kennel Club de España

Partner of Club du Bouledogue Francais in France

Partner of Hollandse Bulldogue Club in The Netherlands

International Judge for Groups 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th. Aditionally, Specialist judge in breeds: French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Boxer, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer.